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I'm Natalie. Writing this gave me a tiny existential crisis. (Who am I?) I'm a part-time software engineer, part-time product manager, and full-time friend. I only discovered the gift to humanity that is Harry Potter in the summer of '16 - after purchasing a Kindle Oasis - and have been adding titles to my Goodreads account like a madman ever since. I'm no authority on what people should or shouldn't read but I formed a book club when I was 11 and made sure no one opened the books wide enough to create creases on the spine so that should count for something. I'm constantly imagining my life as episodes of The Office (US) and forgetting to drink enough water.

Homo DeusTurning the Mind Into an AllySteve JobsLove Yourself Like Your Life Depends On ItThe Martian

Published July 2017


I’m Rachel and I do a little bit of everything. I spend most of my time blogging, making Youtube videos and taking photos, but I also work as a freelance digital marketer and web designer. In my free time I enjoy painting, going to gigs and spending far too many hours looking at pictures of dogs on the internet. Oh and reading. I do a lot of that too!

Books have always been a huge part of my life and I credit my sister with my love of crime fiction and science books. I also enjoy reading graphic novels, nature books, fantasy, horror, short stories and even a bit of poetry now and again. Basically, if it sounds cool I’ll give it a read.

Jane EyreFables Volume 1: Legends in ExileFuriously HappyAwakeningForensics: The Anatomy of Crime

Published April 2017


I have been writing poetry for some years now, as well as steadily working on being a curator/artist. I am a fan of puppets, puns and citrus fruits. Recommend something that isn’t a book. I love the musician Mitski.

What’s your favourite album? Gulag Orkestar by Beirut.

What’s the best place you’ve ever lived in or visited? Ahhh such a scary question. I love the sea. I guess maybe Collioure. I stayed in a great campsite that looked like the set of the TV show ‘Camping Paradis‘.

What are you passionate about? I really love podcasts.

Who would you most like to have dinner with? Regina Spektor.

What do you believe that most people don’t? That my knitted monkey has real opinions.

What’s your favourite food? Potatoes.

The Magic ToyshopEverything Is IlluminatedCold Comfort FarmBad FeministLive!

Published March 2017


I’m Cait, a translator from French to English living in France and attempting to learn Norwegian. I’ve always loved words and reading, and sitting under a blanket with a good book is my favourite rainy-day activity.

I love tea with a passion normally reserved for people.

Rejected PrincessesLingoThe Handmaid's TaleMidnight's ChildrenRevolting Rhymes

Published February 2017


Hi! My name is Martin and I’m the creator of Fox & Songbird. In my day job I work as a software developer and designer for Hubble, a startup in London to help small companies find an office they love.

I’m a keen photographer, enthusiastic boardgamer and occasional writer – always inspired by my love of books. Perhaps that’s obvious as I set up a website entirely dedicated to the subject but it’s always worth saying! My first love was sci-fi and fantasy, aided and abetted by my dad who had a sizeable collection of Larry Niven and Arthur C. Clarke among many others. Since then I’ve branched out and read a lot of non-fiction, especially around language, history and science, and more recently I’ve got into a wider variety of fiction.

SapiensThe Wind-Up Bird ChronicleThe Dreaming VoidAssassin's ApprenticeWatching The English

Published January 2017