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Turning the Mind Into an Ally

Sakyong Mipham

Strengthening, calming, and stabilising the mind is the essential first step in accomplishing nearly any goal. Growing up American with a Tibetan twist, Sakyong Mipham talks to Westerners as no one can: in idiomatic English with stories and wisdom from American culture and the great Buddhist teachers. Turning the Mind Into an Ally makes it possible for anyone to achieve peace and clarity in their lives.

Recommended by Natalie

Two chapters into this book, I bought a meditation mat off Amazon and begun what I hope to be a lifelong practice. A dear friend bought it for me during a time where I was tired of living in the narrative in my head. Sakyong Mipham's writing is simple and elegant. The book weaves in and out of being a metaphor and practical step-by-step guide. At its core, this isn't a book about meditation or Buddhism, it's about the constant story we tell ourselves in our head and seeing the monkey mind for the ally it can be. Get your monkey friend today, while stocks last.

"We begin to wonder why we invest so much energy in this feeling that we've created with our own mind".