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Every week we ask one of our curators what five books they would unconditionally recommend. Books they think are important, beautiful or just plain entertaining. They share a little bit about each one: why they chose it, what it means to them and what kind of person would enjoy it best.

Online stores can recommend books that are similar to the ones you’ve already read and yes, you’ll likely enjoy them. But that’s a cop-out. Our aim is to help you find books that you wouldn’t otherwise read, to broaden your perspectives and to discover new stories, new ideas and new worlds.

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Share your passion for reading

We’re always looking for people who’d like to share their favourite books with the world.

There’s no real requirement: you can be anyone, of any age and from any background. All we ask is that you’re a keen reader, someone who would struggle to choose five books to recommend not because you can’t think of enough but because you have too many favourites and can’t decide between them.

If that sounds like you, get in touch at:

If you already have any ideas for books you’d like to recommend, please include them in your email. We’d also love to hear a little bit about you: what makes you tick?

What happens then?

Once you’ve got in touch, we’ll have a quick chat about the kinds of books you want to recommend, and we can answer any questions you have. Together we’ll decide when your recommendations will be published. When you’re ready to submit your choices, you’ll fill in this form with everything we need to put together the article.

Finally, we’ll put together the article, proof-read it and add images, then you’ll get a chance to look over the final copy before we publish your recommendations!

Writing your recommendations

Choosing your books and writing your recommendations is a lot of fun but it can also be tricky! Obviously you’ re free to go about this in any way you want but here’s how we’d recommend you go about it:

Make a longlist. You probably won’t struggle to think of five books to recommend, but don’t stop there. Write down each book you think of and aim for a list of at least 10 books, ideally more, that you would be happy to recommend. We find it helps to look through all the books you’ve read to help jog your memory, whether that’s by looking over your bookshelves, searching through the your e-reader if you have one or scanning your purchase history on your online store accounts.

Refine and rewrite. Look through your list and highlight the best ones while crossing out the ones that don’t quite make the cut. Write out a new, shorter list with everything which made the cut, then do the same thing again until you’re happy with your five choices.

Give it time. Sometimes taking a break from what you’re working on gives you a new perspective and helps you make better decisions, and this is no different. If you’re struggling to choose, sleep on it and take another look in the morning.

Tell a story. People can read what a book is about anywhere. What makes your recommendations special is the personal aspect. What does the book mean to you? Did it change your mind on something? Expose you to a new kind of storytelling or a new way of thinking? Inspire you to change something about your life or to write something yourself? We can summarise the book for you if you want: you just focus on what makes the books special to you.

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